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It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning, knowing that you’re a slave to your credit cards, utilities, or property bills. If instead of putting money into your savings for retirement you’re taking money out, and if every dollar you earn at your job is going directly to the financial vultures, you need to consider what may be your only feasible way out: bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy will benefit you immediately by stopping debt collection harassment, turning your utilities back on, stopping wage garnishment, and more. In the long term, bankruptcy will remove most of your debt and give you a chance to make your monthly payments and save your property and car. However, bankruptcy isn’t all cake and roses. Without the proper legal advice, you will miss out on important opportunities. Without the ability, know-how, and practice of professional bankruptcy lawyers, it will be impossible for you to get the best result possible.

At The Law Office of George H. Weber, we can give you the help you need and deserve. Our experienced and savvy lawyers, George H. Weber and Beret Ravenscroft, will meet with you face-to-face to discuss any options that you may have. We deeply encourage you to sign up for a free consultation, so that we can discuss whether bankruptcy is the best solution to your particular situation. If you choose to go through bankruptcy with us, we will help you through every step – choosing whether to go through a chapter 7 or a chapter 13, choosing to settle or battle your way with the creditors, and filling out the complicated forms.

So if your car, mortgage and utility monthly payments are getting in the way of you living your daily life or if your credit card bills seem like they’ll never get paid, it’s time that you sign up for a free consultation with The Law Office of George H. Weber and start fighting your way out of debt. We can give you some financial breathing room to start your life again, so you can start working for you, not your credit card companies.

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CT Bankruptcy: Basics (part 1 of 8)

Call (203) 653-5133 to learn all about the ultimate in debt relief. As provided for in the U.S. Constitution, bankruptcy is America's social safety net for people unable to pay their debts.

The Meeting of Creditors (part 5 of 8)

The Meeting of Creditors is an administrative meeting held about 1 month after filing the petition. Your attorneys will prepare you for this meeting.

Types of Bankruptcy (part 2 of 8)

Discover which type of bankruptcy is best for you and your family. Call (203) 653-5133 to schedule your free consultation with bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Office of George H. Weber, LLC.

Bankruptcy Court Hearings (part 6 of 8)

People in Connecticut who file for bankruptcy must fulfill many critical responsibilities in order to discharge debt. Your attorneys at the Law Office of George H. Weber, LLC can be your guide throughout the process and help you restart your financial life.

Debts Not Discharged in Bankruptcy (part 3 of 8)

Most, but not all, debts can be eliminated in bankruptcy. Speak with Attorney Weber or Attorney Ravenscroft to discover if your particular debts will be discharged in bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy Discharge (part 7 of 8)

This is it! The elimination of your debt. We call it the "discharge." Have your Connecticut bankruptcy attorneys help you discharge your debts and eliminate your sleepless nights.

Filing for Bankruptcy (part 4 of 8)

Your FREE consultation with the bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of George H. Weber, LLC is your opportunity to find answers for any questions you might have about filing bankruptcy.

The Importance of Legal Assistance (part 8 of 8)

Thinking about filing bankruptcy without the help of a bankruptcy attorney? It can be done, but make sure to watch this video first.